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Justin Cooper 

8 - 31 March 2013 

  Opening launch Friday 8 March 6-9pm

Justin Cooper, Nonspace player

"When I'm 'jacked in', I am no longer conscious of the physical world."

Justin Cooper's Nonspace Player is a body of work conceived somewhere between 'the real world' of atoms
and 'the virtual world' of bits. It is physical art under the influence of 'nonspace'. Performance enhancing

Cyberspace lacks the physicality that "space" conventionally implies, it is an imaginary setting where
information takes on some of the properties of matter, yet is a space of transcendence; where one leaves
behind the body and the physical world there enveloped.

Cooper's work, series' of intricate multifaceted ink drawings on paper, board and guitar bodies, have
formed through a constant wrestling of forms of consciousness, blending sensory inputs from physical and
digital sources, in an attempt to arrive at, or interrogate, the ideal form of cyberspace; where physical and
digital are divorced.

Trading his physical body and environment for one constructed of digital information, Cooper questions
the dualism and ideological assumptions of cyberspace; whereby what was once merely s descriptor used
in a fantasy setting has evolved into an extensive moral and political 'landscape'.

Justin Cooper graduated from the National Art School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1st class Honours), 2008. He has
exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in NSW, VIC, QLD and TAS, and undertaken residencies in Los Angeles and Paris;
he is represented in Melbourne by Anna Pappas Gallery.

This exhibition is supported from funding of ATVPs Spotlight on Local & Emerging Artists program by The Visual Arts &
Craft Strategy and the NSW Government through Arts NSW

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