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 Contemporary Art
  At The Vanishing Point - Contemporary Art Inc.
565 King Street
(02) 9519 2340
0430 083 364
Gallery Hours:
Thursday - Sunday

Michelle Cawthorn
A tenuous thing

  18 October - 11 November 2012

"Michelle Cawthorn's  collages in A tenuous thing are of a mostly intimate scale that forces the viewer to get up close and linger over meaning.

Not that that meaning is immediately obvious!

The works act like visual conundrums of everyday life, but there is always a hook to delight or invite the viewer to undo or be done up by their beauty.


Formally the collages are made from watercolour, pencil and cut pieces of paper both covering and revealing information. The strange combination of figuration and abstraction is slightly awkward forcing the viewer to draw odd relationships.

It's the connection between things that becomes interesting." (Peter Sharp, Artist)

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