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 Contemporary Art
  At The Vanishing Point - Contemporary Art Inc.
565 King Street
(02) 9519 2340
0430 083 364
Gallery Hours:
Thursday - Sunday

Skylen Dall
softly spoken

  18 October - 11 November 2012

Softly Spoken explores the private dynamic of bodies in a domestic setting. As if having wandered into someone else's dream, viewers are immersed in a surreal environment where nothing is as it should be. A past life whispers from the walls, vibrates across the floor and peeks from the folds of curtains in this fiercely quiet installation piece.

As you enter ATVP's upstairs gallery viewers find themselves in a completely white washed room in which undercurrents of need, fear, tension and longing become tangible remnants of a space once inhabited.  

Thousands of fingers become a living shag pile rug, socked feet hide in private, white threads unravel from clean cotton gloves and fingerprints obsess over the surface of a mirror.   Markings of identities that exist only in memory emerge from every corner.   Softly Spoken gives this private story physical form, whispering its sentiment from every surface.

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