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565 King Street
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Gallery Hours:
Thursday - Sunday

20 September - 14 October 2012

curated by Andre Flament

Genute Balsiene, Philippa Bolton, Angela Butler, Andre Flament, Joolie Green, Rose Langford

Beyond the trauma of the act itself - when it happens, how it happens - here is an artistic

exploration of the aftermath of sexual abuse.

Like a car-crash, there is an impact and there is a drift...

In Aftermath, 6 artists have conveyed representations of the aftermath of sexual abuse as experienced by others,

or through their own experiences.

Aftermath is an exhibition about stories of survival, daily struggle & hardship, but also of healing and joy. Shifting away

from graphic descriptions or representations of the act itself, artists gathered for Aftermath are exploring what it really

means to survive trauma.


Understandably, it seems that people who have not suffered from such an experience are at best able to comprehend

the crudity and cruelty of the act itself; the psychological dismay it leaves the victims in is difficult to understand from

the outside.

"This journey into mental landscapes and worlds of untold stories is a way to deal with the day to day hardships. It

is also a way to share with loved ones and the wider community this experience, which is often silent. Let's bridge

the gap between survivors and outsiders of sexual abuse. Let's see the art and chat about it." Andre Flament


Andre Flament graduated from the Sorbonne with a Diploma in Specialised Advanced Studies In European And International

Management (2002) and has been working as an IT consultant since 2001. Flament's artistic work is influenced by his business and corporate

experience and a passion for sustainability. "My recent work consists mainly of paintings, photography (light graffiti), drawing and marginally

sculpture. Beyond the screen is my first film and along with curating Aftermath has been a very cathartic experience."


This exhibition is supported by ATVPs Emerging Curator Mentorship program supported by The Visual Arts and Craft Strategy and the NSW Government through Arts NSW .

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